Today I selected two Rainbow Healing Cards. (Some days I am guided to select 1 card; other days it is 2 or 3 cards.)


FIRE contains the glyphs that have a yellow glow:
• BREATH OF LIFE contains the frequencies that will support us in spinning our cells and molecules more rapidly, generating greater will, passion, and energy in all that we do. It is the spark that is required for the creation of all things. Therefore it is essential for manifesting our dreams. It is also at the very core of regeneration of the cells that are capable of regeneration and the destruction of those that cannot be regenerated, allowing us to eliminate the aging of the physical form. This glyph is anchored by the essential oil of ORANGE. The crystal of honey calcite is also capable of anchoring these frequencies.

• FREEDOM anchors the frequencies that will support us in releasing the things that are no longer supporting us in moving forwardsuch as fears, beliefs, and/or attachments to people places or things. Often our fears are so embedded in our beliefs and attachments that it is difficult to identify them. We may have spent many years learning to disguise our fears so even we cannot recognize them. However, as we begin to release the fears, worn out beliefs, and attachments, we usually feel far lighter and “free” – free of the things that are holding us back. Freedom is anchored by the essential oils of LEMON and the crystal of citrine.

• LEADERSHIP is the culmination of the previous nine glyphs – the one that embodies the frequencies of expansion. As we integrate more of the knowledge and abilities of our Authentic Selves, we expand outward, touching others simply by BEING who we were created to be rather than by “doing”. Leadership is anchored by the essential oil of SANDALWOOD and the crystal of tiger’s eye.

FIRE is essential for manifesting. It is also the energy needed for regenerating the physical form so one does not age rapidly. By working with the Element of FIRE, one is choosing to release attachments that are limiting the forward movement – worn out beliefs, fears, people, places, and/or things.
What is it that you are choosing to hold onto?

FULFILLMENT contains three glyphs
• FORGIVENESS is the salmon pink vibration that initiates healing. Therefore it is required for any healing. To take place This is forgiveness is self – forgiveness for all things that one perceives could have been done differently to produce seemingly more positive results. When we can forgive ourselves for being who we are and where we are on our journey, the entire pathway opens up in a gentle and beautiful unfolding. As we hold on to grudges and anger at ourselves or others, the entire process is stalled. The essential oil of GERANIUM anchors this frequency, and the crystal of rhodochrosite has the capability as well.

• COMPASSION is the pale blue-green frequency that holds the information for nurturing of the self and of others. It also allows us to find that Perfect Balance of giving and receiving. Often we have “forgotten” one of these aspects and are dominant on the other. For instance, if we have “forgotten” how to receive, no matter how much others give to us, we cannot receive it. The essential oils of IDAHO BALSAM FIR and IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE anchor this frequency along with the crystals of aquamarine and aventurine.

• UNITY is the pale pink frequency that creates all aspects of harmony in the physical form, energy being, and life experience. Whenever there is dis-harmony, there is the potential for illness and disease on the physical level.. This energy is anchored by the essential oil of YLANG YLANG . The crystal of rose quartz is also capable of holding this energy.

The three glyphs combine to form the hologram of Fulfillment. The “shadow” aspect can be experiences that begin very, very good and end very, very bad. These experiences may include jobs, relationships, and even health. As we integrate these frequencies into every portion of our being, the FEAR OF FAILURE is transcended and the life is filled with joy and passion on all levels. Every day is a new and exciting adventure.

By working with the FIRE element and FULFILLMENT hologram together, we are giving ourselves the potential to truly release the fears that are creating the “lack” we perceive in our life experience. The frequencies of FIRE are quite yang, and those of Fulfillment are very yin, creating a gentle manner of evolving.