Why do some people talk about taking oils internally when the label on my bottles is “not for internal use“?

This is a subject that I have covered repeatedly in classes for years….

Most Young Living single oils and some blends are approved in the US as “supplements” and have the white “supplement facts” label on the bottle.  In order for the “supplement facts” label to be on international bottles, they must be presented to the regulatory boards in EACH country.  This would take decades and millions of dollars, so only those oils that are in the supplements approved in each country are actually presented.  (I might note that if a particular oil is in an approved SUPPLEMENT in your country, the oil had to be approved as safe for internal consumption.)

For those of you who are unaware, ALL countries receive essential oils that are exactly the same.  When a batch of an oil is distilled, the unlabelled bottles are filled.  Some of the bottles then receive US labels and some receive the labels of the countries where Young Living is registered and has offices.  They are then shipped accordingly so every country received the same oils with the labels reflecting the laws of their particular country.

Note:  Some countries require that the chemical compounds that are most prevalent be listed on the labels.  Other countries require different information.

There have been some who are concerned when they notice “alcohol” as a component in the essential oil.  ”Alcohols” are a CLASSIFICATION used in chemistry just as “terpenes”, “esters”, “aldehydes” are other chemical classifications.

For more information on this, consult Dr David Stewart’s book, ”The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple“.

Each of us makes choices about what to put IN and ON our bodies.  Understanding what labels truly mean can be important as often they can be quite misleading.