I LOVE Power Meal because of its EFFECT on my body rather than a sweet taste and “creamy texture”. It is something that I have carried with me for travel as well as at home because when I drink NingXia Red and Power Meal every morning, my stamina is incredible.

Try mixing 2 scoops of Power Meal with almond milk that you make yourself from about 1/3 cup raw almonds and water in the blender along with 1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder and 1 Tablespoon (5ml) raw cacao powder. You may find you like the taste – and all the ingredients have a reason for being there . . . OR

Try putting the almond milk and a ripe BANANA into the blender with 2 scoops of Power Meal .  Since I live in the tropics, I have access to fresh coconut all year, and I often make my own healthy coconut milk from the raw coconut and water blended in my “trusty blender” for 2 minutes.

You can even add some of Young Living’s STEVIA or BLUE AGAVE – or Gary’s TRUE GRIP PANCAKE SYRUP may suit your taste buds.

For a complete change-up, add an avocado or some other veggies or fruits.