There was a question of how to deal with “spots on face” caused by previous sun damage and a question about using essential oils “before using sunscreen”.   

I believe there is DEFINITELY a better way than commercial sunscreens!  For one thing, the products have synthetic chemicals which neutralize much of the benefit of therapeutic grade essential oils.

First of all, are you using Young Living’s ART SKIN CARE?

Using ART basic system can even out skin tone. Additionally, I have found that I do not burn when I add 1 drop LAVENDER essential oil to the ART moisturizer in my palm – and NO ADDITIONAL SUNSCREEN.

For times at the beach, I use AVOCADO OIL and LAVENDER as my ONLY protection from the sun on my body and ART sin care on my face. Previously, I burned daily and often blistered and peeled. I have never blistered or peeled with avocado oil and Young Living essential oil.

After using the ART basic set for 3 weeks, one can add any of the other products that the skin may need.  For instance, older sagging skin may respond well to ART SKIN RENEWAL SERUM applied AFTER the ART toner and BEFORE the ART moisturizer.  Often I add 1 drop of SACRED FRANKINCENSE to the 1 pump of ART Serum for additional “wrinkle fighting”.  If the skin needs “birightening” or more even pigment, SHEERLUME is an excellent choice.  I use a TINY amount over the moisturizer – about the size of a lentil – or I find that it is too emollient for my skin even though I am almost 72 years old.

I have used the ART Skin Care since it was introduced almost 10 years ago, and I am amazed that the freckles that once covered my face are no longer there!  (I was a bit lazy and never bothered to use it daily on my chest that had so much skin damage over the years.  However, I am consciously using it morning and night on my chest now, and it makes me very happy to see that the dark spots and freckles are disappearing.   😀