Without a doubt, ART SKIN CARE + ART SKIN RENEWAL SERUM!!! If the skin is quite dry then the addition of a TINY bit of SANDALWOOD MOISTURE CREME can be helpful. the new SHEERLUME is also quite emollient and evens out skin tone. However, before applying ANY of the “extras”, the BASIC ART SKIN CARE SYSTEM is essential. Next is the ART SKIN RENEWAL SERUM. Everyone who sees me says I look “younger all the time” – and wrinkles that were quite visible on my facial skin two years ago are gone.

After one has been using the basic skin cares system and serum for a minimum of 4-6 weeks, it can be helpful to re-evaluate to determine if anything else should be added.

I now love using 1 DROP SACRED FRANKINCENSE with the ART SKIN RENEWAL SERUM.  I allow it to dry for about a minute and then apply ONE DROP of EITHER LAVENDER, MYRRH, or THE GIFT in my pump of ART moisturizer.   SACRED FRANKINCENSE is perfect both for vision and for wrinkles around the eyes when applied in this manner.  MYRRH has many properties that assist in skin regeneration. . . . and THE GIFT had BOTH single oils and a number of other singles as well – and smells divine!!!  😀