Harmony, Fire, Teacher – 30jan15
Today I was guided to select three cards as a focus for the day.

Interesting combination….

HARMONY is associated with LONGEVITY as in HEALTH as well as longevity in relationships that is a result of harmony in the relationships.  When the cells of the body are working together in unity, the body is at peace, and illness, disease and degeneration do not occur.  This is a very gentle yin frequency that is calming and soothing.  It is anchored by the essential oils of GERANIUM, BALSAM FIR or IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE, and FRANKINCENS or SACRED FRANKINCENSE and the crystals of rhodochrosite, amber or red jasper, and aquamarine or aventurine.

FIRE holds the frequencies necessary for REGENERATION of the physical cells and energy body. This yang frequency will support one in moving the stuck energy that is creating dis-harmony in the body – illness and disease.  It will also serve to awaken the passion and will to move forward with joy and excitement,  eliminating the parts that cannot be regenerated.  Fire is anchored by the essential oils of ORANGE, LEMON, and SANDALWOOD and the crystals of golden topaz or yellow calcite, and tiger’s eye.

TEACHER is about sharing (COMMUNICATING) information with others.  When we have something that can potentially benefit others, it is important to communicate it without judgment.