I used ABUNDANCE blend in the paint in my apartment in Florida, and 2 years later, when I decided to move to Singapore, I didn’t even have to list my Florida apartment!  Someone whom I did not know and who had never been in my apartment called me on the phone and made an attractive offer to purchase it!!!  Was it the ABUNDANCE blend???

This was shared by Jared Turner on the Diamonds page . . .

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to try one of my favorite oils: “Abundance.” It’s got some fun non-typical uses that might interest you as Diamonds. For example, when we build out a new Young Living office, do you know what we include in the paint? Abundance essential oil! The idea here is that it helps to magnify “abundantly” all the great positive energy coming from our Young Living offices.

I remember Mary commenting once that when Young Living was launched over twenty years ago there weren’t very many customers so the phones weren’t’ ringing as much as they had hoped. The remedy? She and Gary sprinkled Abundance oil all over the phones! Well, you’ve all seen the result of that: the phones haven’t stopped ringing! In fact, over the last few months they rang so much we couldn’t keep up. As you’ve all hopefully noticed we’ve turned a corner there and we’re keeping up better than before. We have over 500 call center agents in Member Services who provide all of you with the day-to-day support you need. We know it’s been a struggle over the last few months, but hopefully you’re all seeing positive changes in wait times and in the quality of the service. We strive more every day to improve.   call volume forecasting, quality of customer care, and everything in between. Before long the “growing pains” in customer care will be a vague and distant memory.

We truly appreciate your patience and support. After all, you all are the reason we’re all here and employed. If it wasn’t for your success, we at corporate don’t succeed. We remind our teams of that concept daily so we can all remember what’s important: all of you.