Detoxification can bring about different responses from different people and even vary with the individual at times.  The key is that when there is a SKIN response, it is important to continue rather than pull back.  Drinking more water, cleansing the colon, and  alkalizing the body are all equally important.  SULFUR and ENZYMES are other keys. Our bodies did not get in the place they are overnight, and it often must go through a series of shifts before the joys of true wellness are realised.

Detox responses are not always itchy.  Many times they are, but certainly not always.  I, too, develop “strange spots” on my skin from time to time.  I get moles, skin tags, and “bumps”.  Some are gone in a few days, but many take months.  However, when they are gone, I ALWAYS find that my skin is far better and that my level of wellness is enhanced.  Ageing is a process of the body literally “rotting from the inside out”.  Stopping and then reversing that process requires tenacity.  I have found that when we choose to continue and even increase our efforts, there are great rewards.