Many thanks to Charity Mackenzie for sharing her recipes.  Although I cannot speak from personal experience, these are essential oils that should be quite effective . . .

Note:  I might choose to put layer these oils rather than creating a blend, wait a few minutes, and then top it all off with CEL-LITE MAGIC MASSAGE OIL.  You may remember that I love to LAYER oils more than to create my own blends as there is no laboratory to check the chemical profile of the blends that I create.  When we layer oils, it doesn’t matter about the ratio of oils – or even the specific oils selected – as they each have the opportunity to work in your body without interacting with the other oils first.



  • TANGERINE 3 drops
  • CYPRESS 3 drops


  • PATCHOULI 8 drops
  • CYPRESS 5 drops
  • GERANIUM 5 drops
  • SANDALWOOD 1 drop