This is a thread from a Facebook post. Much gratitude to those who shared . . .

My husband and I have a laundry problem. He is a truck driver who does not like to smell like one. We wash his work clothes separate from all other clothes in our house because his require more detergent than the others. If we use one or two scoops and he has to wear the same clothes for more than a day the clothes smell sour because he sweats and is in and out of the rain sometimes. He can’t stand the smell and will not go around his customers smelling. (I’m glad about that ) So with his clothes we use about 6 scoops of detergent. Are there oils you guys suggest adding to his laundry so that we can cut back on the detergent?

Here is my response along with an additional suggestion from another . . .

I DONT USE ANY DETERGENT – only 2 CAPS FULL OF THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER – and I live on the EQUATOR where everyone sweats all the time! Occasionally I add a few drops THIEVES blend to the Household Cleaner.

I often put a few drops of an essential oils such as THIEVES, PURIFICATION, LEMONGRASS, or LAVENDER in the dryer on a wet washcloth or one of the articles that has just come through the wash.  This gives the clothes additional deodorizing capabilities.

Your husband’s diet would also affect body odor. An ALKALIZED body may perspire, but it does not smell offensive.