Q: I need some help, please. I have an American woman visiting Singapore, and she purchased a 15ml bottle of Peace & Calming from the YLSG office. Here are just a few of the questions/concerns: Why the difference in labelling? Why are those ingredients listed as being in the Singapore oil? And if they have the same oil as we do (which I assume they do), are those ingredients in our oil and just not listed? Do either of these oils contain alcohol?

My response . . .
Every country has different regulations regarding labelling. Singapore requires the major chemical constituents to be identified on the label. ALL Young Living essential oils are EXACTLY THE SAME. After distillation and testing, they fill the bottles, and some bottles receive the US labels, some the Canadian (in both English and French), some the Hong Kong, some the Australian, European, and Singapore . . . (In fact once last year, Hong Kong “missed out” on having their labels put on the bottles, and the whole country was out of stock while the rest of the world had plenty. In other words, it was a challenge unique to that particular country and NOT a global challenge.)

As for “alcohol”, it is NOT the “alcohol” that you may be thinking! Alcohol is a CATEGORY OF CHEMICAL MOLECULE, just like esters, aldehydes, terpenes, etc.

Please assure your members that the oils are fine – there is NOTHING ADDED. They are only identifying the constituents in the plants to be in alignment with the laws of each country.