YL Policies and Procedures – 3.13 Repackaging and Relabelling

You may not re-label, alter the labels of, repackage, or refill any Young Living product. Young Living’s products must be sold in their original containers only. You may not use Young Living’s products as ingredients in or components of any product for resale. Such relabelling or repackaging could result in severe criminal penalties. In the event this rule is violated, you agree to indemnify Young Living against any harm resulting from the repackaging or relabelling of any of its products.

In addition, many who sell Young Living products online or even in outlets may have tampered with the actual oil. It is ALWAYS important to purchase DIRECTLY FROM YOUNG LIVING to be certain that the product is genuine. Here is a link to a vide that indicates how easy it is to alter a product and make it appear like the “real thing”.

Don’t become a victim of unscrupulous people . . .

Picture credit: Tan Kai Hiang