There were questions about a comment I made on Facebook about minimizing the number of drops of oils we use. I am posting my explanation here . . .

The post was about the importance of our learning to use FEWER drops of the precious Young Living essential oils for each application, and there were questions. Here was my comment . . .

I definitely DID post the comment about our learning to use LESS rather than more! The Young Living essential oils are precious, and they are highly concentrated. Using “more” will not be “harmful”, but is likely NOT really necessary. Since more and more people are choosing to utilize the benefits of therapeutic essential oils, the supply is definitely a factor as the plants do not grow any faster. If the oils were mixed up in a laboratory as synthetic oils are, or if the Young Living essential oils had “extenders” added to give more volume, there would be no issue about supply.

However, WE have to wait for the plants to grow. When a particular oils has a less-than-perfect growing season, the oils are inferior, and Gary Young will NOT approve using ANY inferior quality essential oil . . . soooo . . . we have many out of stock items. Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves, “How can I derive the best benefit from the fewest drops of oil?”

I personally feel that putting 1-2 drops into the palm, using the thumb to place under the tongue where it will absorb rapidly, and then cupping hands over the nose inhaling deeply 6-8 times is highly effective use of a minimum number of drops of the precious essential oils. 

Have YOU tried these methods?

Adding to this post . . .
DIFFUSING is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of the Young Living essential oils.

However, if we are looking for ways to minimize the number of drops, it may be helpful to use only 1-2 and inhale. I consider myself a “human diffuser” as my body heat allows the oils to diffuse outward from me. EVERYONE around me gets the benefit! 😀