My personal experience has been that one must use the ART skin care system for a month without any other products that could react with it. I used to have scaly, thin skin. I use the ART + ART SKIN RENEWAL SERUM morning and night and DRINK 2 LITERS WATER DAILY. My skin is neither dry nor oily now, and it no longer has the “thin and shiny” look that most women my age have. I LOVE ART!!! 

Durng the past year or two, I have been adding one drop of an essential oil to the ART Serum – the first thing on my face after cleansing. I often rotate MYRRH, SACRED FRANKINCENSE, PATCHOULI, LAVENDER, and SANDALWOOD. I have recently started using the new Sheerlume cream – just a tiny dot – around my eye area after applying the moisturizer and around the lips. It seems that I am getting more and more compliments on my skin now!