August 14, 2014

Last night I facilitated a meditation at the Young Living Singapore office. Here are the oils used and the explanations given by me at the time . . .

Meditation 13 August 2014 (YLSG office)

  • St Maries Lavender (grown in France)
  • Sacred Mountain
  • Copaiba
  • Sacred Frankincense
  • Release
  • Harmony
  • Joy
  • Present Time
  • Believe

St Maries Lavender (grown in France)
Those present at the meditation had the experience of smelling the very first distillation of the lavender which is grown in France from the seeds taken from the Young Living St. Maries, Idaho lavender farm. The seeds for the St Maries lavender came from France over 20 years ago when Gary Young brought them to America and planted them in Idaho.

A few years ago, all the lavender in France died from a virus/fungus that quickly spread throughout the entire lavender-growing region. There has been no authentic “French lavender” since that time. However, in 2011 Gary Young took seeds from the St Maries Lavender Farm to France and planted them. It takes three years for lavender to mature for harvesting. This is the very first distillation of the St Maries French Lavender, distilled on June 22, 2014. The label on the bottle is handwritten and signed by Gary Young with the date of distillation – a reminder of the original Young Living essential oils . . .

SACRED MOUNTAIN is my very favourite blend for making a strong connection with The Source. As I apply it over my chakras and breathe in the molecules, I INTEND to make a strong connection with The Source through my Crown Chakra and through the bottoms of each foot and the base of my spine. I INTEND that these connections grow stronger and stronger with every breath that I take.

COPAIBA is a frequency that will support you in identifying who you truly are – your Authentic Self. (Other Young Living essential oils that anchor this frequency are CEDARWOOD and HONG KUAI.) These oils contain very high percentages of sesquiterpenes which can only only oxygenate every cell of the body through the circulatory system, but can oxygenate the cells of the brain directly through topical application over the brainstem and through inhalation. These molecules can support you in unravelling the mystery of who you were created tho be so that you may be prepared to fulfil upon the purpose for which you chose to be here on Earth at this time.

SACRED FRANKINCENSE holds an energy of ACCEPTANCE – acceptance of who we are, acceptance of where we are on our journey, acceptance of others, and ALLOWING ourself and others to be who we are. I visualise Sacred Frankincense as a shiny silver energy that gently flows through every part of my being, smoothing out the rough places. Gary Young has stated that Frankincense has the ability to re-program faulty programming in the DNA. Wherever there is illness or disease, the cells are replicating inappropriately.

RELEASE blend will support you in letting go of the things that are no longer supporting you – fears, limiting beliefs, attachments. INTEND to ALLOW the release of whatever is holding you back.

HARMONY blend will help all the parts of who you are to work together in unity. As you apply this blend wherever you choose to apply it, INTEND that there be harmony all of the parts your entire being – that all the organs and glands work together.

JOY blend will support you in opening your heart to allow for the beauty of every moment to flow to you. The single oils in the blend have properties that are supportive for cardiovascular functioning as well as being emotionally uplifting. I like to apply this blend over my heart and to hold my hands there, visualising the tiny molecules traveling throughout my entire physical form and energy being with every single beat of my heart.

PRESENT TIME will support you in living in the present moment. It is in the PRESENT moment that healing can take place – not yesterday and not the future. When we choose to live in the past or future, we miss the lessons and opportunities that exist for us in THIS moment. Breathe in this beautiful blend and INTEND to come into the present moment. INTEND to fully EXPERIENCE the JOY of THIS moment.

BELIEVE blend is very grounding and balancing on all levels. I love to drop it directly into my Crown Chakra – my “Believe Shower” and to apply it over my heart, INTENDING to connect with The Source through my heart and to listen to the guidance that I receive from The Source.
BELIEVE in your guidance.
BELIEVE in your knowledge and abilities.
BELIEVE that YOU can make a difference by BEING who you were created to be.

After applying the oils, I use the basic steps of Rainbow Healing System for a short balancing and grounding meditation.