Many people have periods of low hemoglobin – or anemia. Taking more iron is not necessarily the answer. It may be more important to understand WHY the body is not in balance. The body cannot absorb iron from food or supplements unless the mineral balance is correct. In addition, there is almost always a deficiency of Vitamin B6 and B12. (Conversely, when there is a deficiency of B6 and B12, the body is likely anemic.)

Young Living’s MINERAL ESSENCE is an ionic solution of minerals that can support the body in its ability to better absorb nutrients, and the ions are quite easily absorbed. SUPER B can be taken in conjunction with MINERAL ESSENCE to ensure that the body is better able to come to balance. NINGXIA RED can also support the overall vitamin and mineral balance in the body.

STRESS is a major factor in the disruption of balance in the body. (STRESS AWAY, anyone???)