Today I was guided to select two Rainbow Healing Cards as a focus of the day.  I chose two of the single glyphs – LEADERSHIP and COMPASSION.
The concept of the LEADERSHIP glyph is that of EXPANSION.  I see this as expansion of who we truly are and the process of creating the space in which others can also expand.  Rather than “management” or “control”, leadership is about INSPIRING ourselves and others to grow into the magnificent beings each was created to be.
True leaders do not rush themselves or others, but grow one step at a time, allowing for the shifts to take place in Perfect Timing for each individual.
Focus upon the pale sparkling ivory frequencies held within the Leadership glyph and/or using the Young Living essential oil of SANDALWOOD will support one in expanding into all that one can be and truly leading through BEING.
The concept of the COMPASSION glyph is NURTURE.  This means nurturing oneself  as well as nurturing others and finding that perfect BALANCE OF GIVING AND RECEIVING.  Many times we may find that we are totally out of balance at one end of the spectrum.  For years I personally felt that I would  “give and give and give” – and no one ever gave back to me!  This caused me to become angry . . . and then I felt guilty about being “angry” . . . and I became the martyr.  The true fact was that others tried to give to me, but I had “forgotten” how to receive!  Focus upon the pale blue-green colors of the Compassion glyph and upon the glyph itself along with using the Young Living essential oils of BALSAM FIR and  IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE can support one in finding that perfect balance of giving and receiving – of nurturing the self as well as others.  This brings about an amazing sense of harmony and draws into the life more and more loving and nurturing people and experiences.
I consider the single glyphs to be similar to single oils with each having a distinct frequency – or bandwidth of frequencies.  When we combine two or more glyphs, we have a new frequency, just as we do when we combine two or more essential oils to make a blend.  The glyphs interact with each other just as the essential oils do, and there is literally an infinite number of ways that the 10 glyphs of the Rainbow Healing System can interact.  The 18 Holograms defined are merely a beginning and are useful in overcoming many challenges that many of us face in our life experience.
When looking at both of these glyphs together, I sensed it could be important to look at the glyphs themselves and also to take out the card or cards that contain BOTH of these glyphs.
COLLABORATION and LOYALTY each contain both Leadership and Compassion.
This Hologram reminds us that we can accomplish far more when we work TOGETHER with each of us doing the things we do best – that ALL of us have an important role to play in the big picture.  Not one of us is here at this time in history by “accident”.  We CHOSE to be here because we have a special role.  The Collaboration Hologram can support us in embodying the frequencies necessary to live in true collaboration.
The Collaboration Hologram also can be collaboration of all the parts of the physical and/or emotional being.  It is necessary for each organ and system of the body – even our very cells and molecules – to WORK TOGETHER IN HARMONY in order for us to be strong and healthy so we are capable of fulfilling upon our purpose.
This Hologram supports us in overcoming the pattern of BETRAYAL by not only combining Compassion and Leadership, but adding the frequencies of RELEASE that are held within the Freedom glyph.  Often we hold onto to things that are no longer serving us and that prevent us from moving forward.  Whether those things are habits, beliefs, or actual physical things, the Freedom glyph can support us in letting go so we can soar higher and higher.
I feel that looking at the single glyphs and the Holograms that contain them has given me greater insight, and I am grateful for the beautiful meditation that followed my focus upon the cards.  I always use the essential oils that anchor the glyphs that I am working with on a particular day as they provide additional support.  Please know that as YOU select your cards, there is no “right or wrong” way to use them.  In fact, I am always finding new ways to apply them.
May your day be blessed with COLLABORATION and LOYALTY in all areas,
18 July 2014