Tell us more about “no luck with it.” What have you been doing?

I see the 5 skill sets required for success as:

1. Sharing (helpful, informative, duplicatable, not “firehosing” )

2. Enrolling (yeah, we have to learn how to do this with integrity –
help them enroll and order what they need and want…)

3. Communicating (staying in touch – training, emails, phone calls,
classes, etc.)

4. Teaching people how to share with others and enroll them. (This is
the secret to having a successful business)

5. Leadership (mentoring, coaching, modeling, etc.)

Some people don’t know what to say…. so they can’t share. I wrote
a little book called Harmony, Joy, and Abundance to help people learn
the basics of sharing. It’s available through Life Science Publishing
and Abundant Health and it’s a tax deductible business expense. I
also wrote scripted outlines (long and short) for sharing and you can
download a free copy of the latest version of the file containing
these scripts – “Heart Centered Sharing – Creating Abundance Through
Being of Service to Others” at www.tinyurl. com/HCS-2012

Others share, and share, and share, often giving a lot of information
and stuff away, but they either don’t know how or are afraid to enroll
people. So not much happens… Enrolling is simply a skill set that
anyone can learn and become comfortable with. After all – if we
share, and they don’t order, did we really help them? There’s no need
to convince or pressure – there is also no need to walk away without
helping them set up their account if they want to order.

Some share and enroll, but don’t stay in touch with their people so
they drop out. (Again, not much happens…)

Some share, enroll, and communicate but they never teach the people in
their group how to share with (and enroll) others, so their group
stalls out after awhile. For every person they enroll, someone else
quits ordering. (This is why this skill is the key to a successful

And some people work for themselves, but never really take on a
leadership role.

To be successful, you have to master all five skills. If you’re
missing any of the 5, it doesn’t work very well.

And then you just have to do a LOT of activities – first focused on
sharing/enrolling/ communicating, and as soon as you have a downline,
you also begin to focus (A LOT) on teaching sharing.

Retail marketing is about addition. Network marketing is about
multiplication. Multiplication requires duplication – people sharing
with people – sharing with people – (with or without you). So model
sharing in such a way that anyone can do it… no certifications or
degrees required.

And Cricket is right – everyone has someone in their upline who will
be glad to mentor them. Call Customer Service and ask for the name
of your upline Diamond/Crown Diamond. They will either help you,
themselves, or put you in touch with a leader above you who will help.

We really need to get this information out into the world. SO many
people suffer so needlessly! I can hear Gary Young saying, “Hurry
up! We’re burning daylight here!” 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Vicki Opfer