There have been some questions recently about the labels on the Singapore bottles of Young Living essential oils – particularly when people see “alcohol”.  Even the single oils appear to have “ingredients” and have caused some concern.

There are actually about 18 major categories of compounds in pure plant essential oils with many sub-categories.  One of the major categories of compounds is ALCOHOL.

(information from The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, by Dr. David Stewart)  The compounds listed on the labels in Singapore are there as required by law, and are all naturally occurring in the plants from which the Young Living essential oils are distilled.

Please be assured . . . there is absolutely NOTHING SYNTHETIC ADDED TO ANY YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OIL.  When you are holding a genuine Young Living essential oil bottle whether from the US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, or Canada, you are holding a precious therapeutic-grade essential oil of the very finest quality possible.  Enjoy your experience!

 There was also a question about Muslims using the essential oil which “contains alcohol”

John Wong: It’s natural producing alcohol by the plant itself. Under Islamic law. I heard that so long is inherent and not synthetic introduced. . It’s ok. Like soya sauce we all consume – they all have natural alcohol too. I learnt that as part of my work for Islamic authorities for halal food compliance when I was giving consultation to authorities on mass spectrometry forensic in food.

It’s generic naming of complex aromatics compound. hence alcohol is the generic name. But not the alcohol people consume.