WHY does Progessence Plus (PPS or PPP) have a warning about an “ingredient that causes cancer” on the label? Here is my response . . .

I feel that everyone should understand why it is there.

THERE IS NO CANCER CAUSING INGREDIENT IN YOUNG LIVING’S PROGESSENCE PLUS.  SYNTHETIC PROGESTERONE DOES CAUSE CANCER.  Plant-based (NATURAL) progesterone actually REDUCES the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, etcetera according studies.  SYNTHETIC progesterone INCREASES risk all the above things.

Young Living’s progesterone is derived from the wild yam and is COMPLETELY PLANT BASED.  However, the Company decided to put the warning on ALL the bottles of PPS and PPP even though they were required to have the label only in the State of California.

Since most progesterone products contain synthetic progesterone, and the laws for labeling are meaningless, the State of California passed a law that ALL products containing progesterone must carry the warning.  Because a product can be called “natural” if an ingredient compound CAN exist in nature, most progesterone is LABELED “natural” even when it is created in a laboratory.  The ingredient in the product you are holding may have been created in a chemistry laboratory, but if the compound CAN exist in Nature, then it can be called “natural”.  The information is quite misleading, isn’t it?

Just know that the ingredients in Young Living products truly ARE NATURAL – meaning that they are from PLANTS.