“There is so much information out there – how do I know what to believe?  Doesn’t the government protect us?”

What it truly comes down to is that EACH of us must take responsibility for our own health and well-being. And even “education” is not really the answer as there is so much “mis-information” available. We cannot depend upon the government to protect us. We must each learn to listen to out own bodies and make the most appropriate choices base upon the feedback we are getting.

I was terribly disillusioned to find how deceptive labeling is. When I took my mineral certification courses in 2008, I was even MORE disillusioned as most of the minerals in supplements are in compounds that cannot even be broken down by the body, much less absorbed. Talk about flushing money down the toilet!!!) By the way, I was also disillusioned to find that a top company for minerals has 3 different qualities of products. What you can purchase in a store “looks” the same as the other 2, but is NOT! It is altered- diluted, synthesized, and not really effective. (This was information from the company representative in the professional course!)

The “Shining Moment” came when I realized that I could really trust the products made by Young Living Essential Oils”. THAT is why I do what I do rather than relaxing on the beach in Florida at age 71. I teach people how to use products that I KNOW from experience are safe and effective. I know I do not have to even worry whether “some” of the things may not be completely safe to drink in case a child should accidentally drink them, etc. – they ARE ALL SAFE. I know people who have consumed THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER just to make certain that it would not harm their children – and while they didn’t like the taste, they were perfectly fine!

We just have to realize that most companies are looking at the bottom line, and the safest and most effective things are not always profitable.

We are all looking for things that will allow our children and loved ones to live happy and healthy lives, but the mis-Information can be misleading and create more challenges.