For VISION and youthful skin, NINGXIA RED, ART SKIN CARE and ART BEAUTY SERUM is key.

If someone uses another brand of personal care products and uses YL frankincense – particularly around the eyes, there can be challenges, so I am careful to talk about using them.

I personally use ONE DROP FRANKINCENSE/SACRED FRANKINCENSE in my palm, rub palms together and cup hands over OPEN eyes for 3 minutes morning and evening (or more often if desired or if there is conjunctivitis or infection such as a “stye”)

As molecules begin to diffuse into the eyes, there will be tingling, but one can blink and/or close eyes for a few seconds)

I add 1 drop of ONE of the following  to 1-2 pumps of ART BEAUTY SERUM and apply to face.  Also, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH, SANDALWOOD, or PATCHOULI. 

I add 1 drop of of ONE of the other oils listed above to 1-2 pumps of either the Day Activator or Night Reconstructor and apply to face

This has brought amazing results to my own skin as well as the facty that I am 71 years old and require no vision correction after 20 years of wearing contact lenses and reading glasses.