ALL of us learn more every day, and sharing the information can move us all forward to higher levels of wellness.  I was resistant about adding essential oils to my NingXia Red for years as I fully believe that when we combine essential oils before applying them to the body, they create a new substance that has different properties from the single oils – and the new substance can be ineffective or even toxic.  However, both Dr. Cole Woolley and Marc Schreuder (chemists) assured me that the essential oils are in suspension in NingXia Red and even more easily absorbed by the body.  Not only is NingXia Red filled with nutrients that EVERYONE needs, but it can be the carrier to take the oils to another level of effectiveness.

Because essential oils are absorbed rapidly by the body whether used topically, inhaled, or ingested, I believe that SMALL amounts used FREQUENTLY are FAR more effective than larger amounts a few times a day.  For instance, I would prefer ONE DROP under the tongue every hour rather than 20 drops all at one time.  Not only would it not cause any digestive upset, but I believe it is more effective.