When a headache with dull ache continues for a long period, there could be many potential causes.

  • Is there high blood pressure involved?
  • Is there eye pain or difficulty reading?
  • Does the pain originate at the back of the neck or shoulders?
  • Is the pain worse a hour after eating?

The answers to these questions could be helpful in bringing about the balance necessary to eliminate the pain.

The body has only two ways to communicate – either it feels good or there is pain.  When there is pain, if we take medication to eliminate the pain, we are merely masking the symptoms and not addressing the cause.

Essential oils work to bring the body to BALANCE.  Each oil contains hundreds of molecules, and the body selects the exact ones that it needs to come to balance.  When the body is in balance, the pain goes away.

Does that sound “too simple”?  Actually our bodies are incredibly powerful and know exactly what we need.  The key is OFFERING THE BODY WHAT IT NEEDS.

With that in mind, I would definitely do the following:

  • NINGXIA RED: 3 sachets a day for at least a month
  • BELIEVE:  2 drops on back of neck, across shoulders, and inhaled with hands cupped over nose 4-6 times daily
  • STRESS AWAY:  1-2 drops or rolled on wrists and inhaled minimum 4-6 times daily
  • VALOR:  1-2 drops or rolled on bottoms of feet, back of neck, and inhaled 4-6 times daily

Certainly, there are additional oils and supplements that could be helpful, but this would be a great start.  These oils and NingXia Red can address potential imbalances throughout the body.  If there is no improvement in 4 weeks, then additional oils may be necessary.