There was a question about the “sugar” on the label of Balance Complete and other Young Living products. Another was concerned because of the “sweet taste”.

TASTE is not always the thing that determines the effectiveness. What happened to the blood sugar 3 hours after drinking Balance Complete? (Often test results depend upon the exact timing of the test.) Perhaps more important than taste could be the EFFECT after a period? As any diabetic ( or in my case, FORMER diabetic) knows, when the blood sugar rises and we take insulin, then the levels drop dramatically so we need to boost the sugar levels . . . add the cycle continues. What if we could just manage to find the way to keep it more LEVEL?

I have found this through POWER MEAL, NINGXIA RED and OCOTEA essential oil. Both of these products have “sugars” (natural), but they have a low glycemic index that actually SUPPORTS balanced blood sugar levels WITHOUT all that spiking and falling. OCOTEA has a natural ability to balance the blood sugar whether it is high or low.