Cistus (Cistus ladanifer) essential oil is known as Labdanum, Rose of Sharon or Rock Rose.

This amazing oil has many properties, including being anti-inflammatoryanti-viralanti-bacterial and providing respiratory support.

One of the things I learned after reading Melissa Shelton’s (a veterinarian) newsletter article, was that she used CISTUS to stop hemorrhaging in a dog.

Within 24 hours of reading her article, someone called me early in the morning and said that her little dog (weighing about 10 kilos) had swallowed a large seed. The seed has torn up his whole digestive tract and there was so much internal bleeding that the doctors didn’t think he was going to live.

The owner came over and got some CISTUS, and applied 5 drops under her dog’s tongue. Not only did he survive, in 2 days he was home and within a week he was running around the house!

This is an oil that is definitely powerful at clearing up blood clots and stopping internal bleeding!