This was from one of the breakout sessions of Convention 2013

Karen Boren:

  • “As a child Gary felt very drawn to Idaho Blue Spruce. It was always a special tree to him”
  • Native Americans have used to smudge and also make tea with the needles
  • Safe Refuge – When the tree gets heavy with snow, the limbs bend downward and create a tent like shelter. Gary had used a few times when caught out in storms while he ran trap lines
  • “Spiritual oil – pink in color. You would think it would come out blue being it’s a blue spruce”

Dr. Purser:

Did the study with college students. Some interesting comments from Study Participants:

  • “The oil DEFINITELY seems to be an aphrodisiac, at least in my case. I was also helpful in releasing past emotional trauma (even when I’d rather it didn’t).” – (female)
  • “I felt my focus increase. I was under serious stress one of the use days and I was amazed at how calm I was throughout the day.” – (male)
  • “I could see it takes away the anxiety on my husband.” – (female)
  • “I can agree that I was more alert. But at the same time I felt it gave me emotional alertness.” – (female)
  • Article Published in Life Extension Magazine 2008, Norwegian study: Using Norway Spruce (very similar to Blue Spruce, extraction of Enteroloactone from it)
    • ENTEROLACTONE inhibits the growth and development of prostate cancer, inhibits the aromatase enzyme and 5-alpareductase, thus reducing levels of DHT. THIS EXPLAINS THE ENERGY INCREASE!
  • BIG increase in energy and libido in men
  • Smell was a problem – smelled like a wood shop. Due to the smell, some did not want to use it
  • Big improvement in emotions
  • Singles: Increased stamina – in all ways: energy, felt relaxed and at ease, less anxiety, beneficial for muscle soreness, reduced pain
  • Couples: increased calm, improved emotional, clearer mind, mind more active and more physical energy
  • Energy for women 2 times greater change than compared to men
  • Calmed down to think through emotions. Able to cope with serious stress. Anxiety went away.

Corinne Allen: 

  • Seeing great results with emotional release using Blue Spruce

Dr. Richard Carlson:

  • Relaxes mind and body
  • Considered to have aphrodisiac effect – 30-50% effective (for both men and women) Small amount used to produce effects. Also other benefits compared to:
    • Ginseng: 30-50%, both men and women, high dose required for effect
    • Chocolate: 10-30% men/women
    • Maca: 10-30% men/women, very high dose required for effect
      (Science study – most work done on mice)

Janelle Pack:

YL Study of 45 people. 4 drops, 2x daily on each forearm (at the end of the study, they felt it was more than what was needed and would do studies with less drops)

  • Mens Evaluation of Self: libido increased, more sexual stamina, physical energy, muscle tone, quality of sleep, meditation
  • Womens Evaluation of Men taking it: less physical discomfort, increased libido, more sexual stamina, physical energy, quality of sleep, meditation
  •  Womens Evaluation of Self: 45% less physical discomfort, 33% libido, 50% Sexual stamina, 55% physical energy, 35% muscle tone, 40% quality of sleep, 60% happiness, 52% stress relief, 52% irritability, 41% mental energy, 48% motivation, 48% patience, 48% self esteem
  •  Mens Evaluation of Women taking it: 70% less physical discomfort, 30% Libido, 30% increase sexual stamina, 44% physical energy, 18% muscle tone, 12% quality of sleep, 37% happiness, 25% stress, 30% irritability, 30% mental energy, 30% motivation, 38% patience, 31% self esteem