Young Living added a new tool during the 2013 Convention – a sampling system that simplifies the sharing of oils! These new samples contain individual, 10-count packets of five of the most popular products: Lavender, Lemon, Thieves, Peace & Calming and Peppermint. Each sample has 0.25 ml of oil (roughly 10 drops), an amount perfect for a single usage experience.

The packets are made from a durable, highly inert, proprietary material. It is one of the most robust film materials available and has been tested for both durability and safety; its highly inert properties reduce the risk of reaction with strong, aggressive oils and helps ensure long-term product stability.

Who Should Use This Product?

  • Leaders, business builders, and all distributors who are actively looking to share Young Living essential oils (The samples can be attached to business cards or materials)
  • Any person who is introduced to Young Living products or opportunity
  • Any person who is looking for increased health support through all-natural essential oils