My Hair Loss Challenge

Darreck Chen

Several months back, when I was showering I noticed that there were quite lot of hair collected at the water drainage sieve in my shower.  It occurred to me that I was probably losing hair.  I didn’t pay much attention to it until not too long ago when I went for my hair cut, my hairstylist told me that there was a patch on my scalp where there was no hair at all and my hair was thinning. they said it is Ringworms.

I checked the Essential Oils Desk Reference of a hair loss “recipe”.  I started on this protocol which during the first month, I massaged Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary into my scalp for about 2 minutes twice a day.  I also created a “hairspray” of 50ml of distilled water with 15 drops of Rosemary essential oil to spray evenly over my scalp.

After a month of this protocol, I noticed that my hair loss slowed down considerably.  However, I noticed that there was still some hair collected in the water drainage sieve in my shower.  I realised that by just applying the essential oils onto my scalp may not be enough for my condition.

I started paying more attention to my hair and researched the Internet to try to figure out what are the possible causes of hair loss.

After researching on hair loss and thinning, I found out that it is actually more than just external factors.  There are basically six common causes of hair loss and thinning:

1.A weakened immune system – this causes the condition called alopecia areata or more commonly called spot baldness where a patch of the scalp gets loses hair and goes bald.

2.Hormonal imbalances, particularly thyroid problem.

3.Scalp infection, particularly fungal and ringworm.

4.Side effects of medication such as cancer, chemotherapy and drugs used to deal with high-blood pressure, arthritis, birth control and cardiovascular problems.

5.Deficient diets, especially lacking of protein, iron, vitamins and organic sulphur.

6.Bodily stress – physical, mental and emotional stress.

In my case, I narrowed it down to a weakened immune system (from extra job workload and sleeping late), scalp infection (from playing with my pet geese), deficient diet and bodily stress (due to irregular eating habits).

Using only the essential oils on my scalp, I was only treating the “external” part of my hair loss problem.  I had to go much deeper into the internal part of my body.

I then devised my 90-Day Hair Growth Plan.


For external treatment:

1.I apply LAVENDER, CEDARWOOD and ROSEMARY over my hair and scalp twice a day, rotating each essential oil on a daily basis.

2.I spray my “hairspray” of distilled water with ROSEMARY to my hair and scalp twice a day.

3.I have replaced my expensive professional salon grade shampoo and conditioner with Young Living’s LAVENDER MINT SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER.

4.After exercise at the gym, I have a shower to wash away the sweat on my head and body to prevent toxins from soaking or “marinating” my body, since sweat is a means to expel toxins from the body, besides urine and stools.

5.I apply STRESS AWAY over my pulse point, ear and neck to reduce my body stress level.  (I prefer the latest 15ml bottle of StressAway instead of the 10ml roll-on because the roller ball coming out. )

?For internal treatment, I take the following:

1.SULFURZYME.   Sulfurzyme has a combination of Methylsufonlmethame (MSM), the protein building compound found in breast milk and Lyceum Barbarum to support the immune system and to slow down and stop body degenerative conditions such as falling hair, poor nail, arthritis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, gout and poor muscle tone.  Based on my research, organic sulfur helps to strengthen the body cells and it also helps the body to better assimilate vitamins and metabolises carbohydrates.  Please do not get man-made chemical sulfur from the pharmacy as it is harmful to the body.   Use ONLY organic sulfur that is derived from plants.  I took 5 capsules 3 times daily.

2.OMEGAGIZE.  OmegaGize has Mega-3s fish oils, mixed with Vitamin E, CoQ10, Vitamin D3 and blended with Clove, German Chamomile and Spearmint.  It helped to improve my skin, brain, eye and proper heart and immune function with antioxidant benefits.  I took 3 capsules 3 times daily.

3.RAINDROP THERAPY OILS and IMMUPOWER.  Time for me to enjoy being a couch potato!  I apply these oils 4-5 times a week on the soles of my feet while watching my favourite TV programmes.  I apply 3 drops of the Raindrop Therapy oils followed by ImmuPower.  I chose the 15ml size for the Raindrop Therapy Oils instead of the 5ml bottles so that the oils can last me for at least a month.

4.LEMON.  I take 10 drops of lemon oil in a capsule 2-3 times a day to alkalise my body.  I reduced my intake of sugar, coffee and dairy products.  I also drink at least 5 litres of water every day to detox and alkalise my body.

5.When I eat out, I now choose food that has less or no MSG (monosodium  glutamate) and I stay away from fast food.


My Shopping List for the first 90 days.

1.1 x Water Spray Glass Bottle (This can be purchased at any pharmacy or at MUJI))

2.1 x Rosemary essential oil 15ml

3.1 x Lavender essential oil 15ml

4.1 x Cedarwood essential oil 15ml

5.1 x Sulfurzyme (capsule form)

6.2 x OmegaGize 120 capsultes

7.1 x Raindrops Therapy Oils of 15ml Size (Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram, Valor® & Aroma Seiz™)

8.1 x ImmuPower 15ml

9.5 x Lemon Oil 15ml

  1. 1 x StressAway 15ml
  2. 1 x Lavender Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

(For ladies, if you think that your hair loss is due to hormonal changes or imbalance, you may want to add Progessence™ Plus serum in your shopping list as it is effective to balance the hormones.  I have a girl friend who applies it and she is so into it every day.  For men, use Mister oil blend instead.)

After 3 months of internal and external treatment, my hair loss has decreased significantly and I am growing more healthy hair now.

For now I have reduced my internal and external treatment from 4-5 times a week to 2-3 times a week.  I still maintain my Sulfurzyme, OmegaGize and Lemon essential oil as I really feel the big difference in my body system.

I also learned that it may take at least 3-4 months to bring back strong and healthy hair growth.  Thus, for the first 3 months of the protocol, it is crucial to “apply” the goodness into your body with discipline.