Is there such a thing as an effective deodorant without chemicals?

For many years I used the Young Living Dentarome Plus Toothpaste.  However, I found that layering GERANIUM and SACRED MOUNTAIN is even better after bathing with THIEVES bar soap – and it is great for balancing hormones, cardiovascular support, and grounding!

I live right on the equator, so sweating is a continuous thing, but it really works. You may also find that eating DAIRY PRODUCTS – even a tiny bit – creates more body odor than if the diet is clear of dairy.


This was shared by one of our members on the oils that she uses as a deodorant.

I am in Bali and have just completed a 5-day outdoor festival, during which I was outdoors in
the hot sun all day.  I used a friend’s wonderful suggestion of layering GERANIUM and PATCHOULI, and IT WORKED!!!

I never had any offensive body odor, but yet I did perspire quite a bit all over my body.  For years I have used the Young Living Dentarome Plus toothpaste, and it definitely worked.  However it does contain salt which can stain some delicate silk fabrics.  Geranium + Patchouli does not!