by Frances Fuller
updated February 2013

I believe the first step is USING the products yourself so you can talk with people from first-hand knowledge.  If YOU don’t use the products, then WHY would you expect others to be interested???

  • I know that you are on Essential Rewards, so you DO already use the products.
  • As you share your experiences and people want to use them, you would build on your “first level” (directly under you) until you have a minimum of 8 people on your first level.
  • By the time there are 8 on your first level, you and your two members, will select the 2 most enthusiastic members on their first level.  Assist them in reaching 8 each directly under them (on your 2nd level).
  • At this point, it is time to find others on your first level who are truly interested in building and work with them I the same manner.
  • The KEY to rank, a stable group, and higher commissions is STRUCTURE.
  • There is also another nice bonus that the Enroller receives – 25% commissions for the first THREE months!  After that, you receive 10% commission for those on your first level, 5% on your second level, and 4% through the 5th level.

 Can you see how important it is to build a strong foundation?