How do I eliminate milk from the diets of my children?

. . . It’s so hard to eliminate dairy products from my kids’ diet as they grew up drinking milk

This is a statement that I hear often from parents as most of us were led to believe that milk is the “only” source of calcium for humans.  In actuality, there are MANY things that have calcium – and green leafy vegetables have far more calcium than milk.  In addition, green leafy vegetables are esy to digest and support the body in alkalizing.  MILK IS ACID-FORMING.

Consider making your own ALMOND milk by putting a handful of raw almonds in the blender to pulverize. Then add water, blend, and strain out the coarse parts.

Sunflower milk can be made the same way as almond milk. There is a restaurant in Bali that sells these daily – everyone loves both, and BOTH are quite healthy! The idea that we need cow’s milk for the calcium is ridiculous because green vegetables have far more calcium – and they have other minerals as well . . . AND they ALKALIZE the body which supports healthy immune function!!!