Anyone who has ever taken antibiotics has disrupted the natural balance of flora in the gut.  Therefore, we become breeding grounds for candida to take over.  Those of us who have had multiple rounds of antibiotics have an uphill battle for most of our lives.  Since genuine wellness depends upon a strong immune system, it is critical for us to regain the balance that has been lost.

If you are one who has allergies, sinusitis, fatigue, bloating, gas, cramping, urinary tract infections, frequent colds or flu, or a multitude of other symptoms, YOU NEED LIFE 5!

The following is from Marc Schreuder, Young Living Director of Product Formulation – the person Gary Young refers to as his “Mad Scientist”.

LIFE 5 is “the best probiotic in the world today”.

It is safe for pregnant women.

Calcium was added to the formula so the lactoferrin binds with iron to help healthy bacteria stick to the walls of the gut.

“Life 5 is an infection protection powerhouse”.  (Marc always has such a great way of stating things!)

Take with biggest meal.