Facts about IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE . . .

  • Initial testing indicated that it is 100% effective in eliminating breast cancer cells in vitro!
  • The frequency of this precious essential oil is extremely high, but it has not yet been tested.  Imagine the possibilities when you apply a drop or two of this essential oil!!!
  • Increases testosterone in males
  • May increase libido
  • Balancing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual

Idaho Blue Spruce would have the same properties as other conifers (respiratory, pain relief, emotional balance, grounding), but Idaho Blue Spruce also has brought amazing results in hormonal imbalances and even in eliminating cancer cells. I love it for its frequency of finding that perfect balance of nurturing of self and others . . . I use it every single day multiple times and am SO happy that it is one of the single oils used in the new BELIEVE blend that was introduced at Convention 2013!

The following was shared by Joan Barice, MD

Did you know that studies are indicating that IDAHO BLUE SPRUCE inceases testosterone and decreases risk of prostate cancer?  Don’t the men in your life deserve to know this?

Dr Purser discussed some of his own observations and opinion based on his experience in practice. Young Living’s Idaho Blue Spruce smells “like a woodshop.” It can be beneficial rubbed on sore muscles or joints. In observational tests he reports not everyone benefitted but 30% of men and 70% of women who applied the oil topically noticed a big increase in energy levels, stamina and libido. Among other things noticed were emotional improvement, happiness, calmness, not being bothered by small things that used to irritate, improved focus. Spruce has been reported to be help increase hair growth. In any event these preliminary findings sound wonderful – don’t they?