Many are asking questions about WHO can use PPP or PPS . . .
According to Dr. Purser, ALL women who have begun menstruating need it “forever”!  It is NOT harmful to take when one is pregnant, but it is unnecessary as progesterone leves are quite high during pregnancy.  (According to Dr. Purser, progesterone is what gives pregnant women a “glow”.)

How do we use it?
It is best applied over the carotid arteries on both sides of the windpipe, beginnning with 1 drop every evening at bedtime.  After a few days, the amount may be increased as well as the frequency.  However, Dr. Purser always says, “Start LOW, and go SLOW!”  In other words, it is better to increase slowly even though many women need far more than one drop to bring their progesterone levels back into the normal range.

What about breastfeeding moms?
Dr. Purser says that PPP and PPS are fine for women who are breastfeeding.

What about younger girls?
Younger girls (12-18), IF they PMS those few days a month, can just try taking extra progesterone those few days to lessen their symptoms of PMS or PMDD.  It will make them sleepy but when they wake up they will be a lot happier! and REALLY nice. (I know — there’s been 6 girls in my house — including my wife).
Dan Purser MD