You will need a medicine dropper and PURE vegetable oil or ointment.  I prefer Young Living’s V6 VEGETABLE OIL COMPLEX or ANIMAL SCENTS OINTMENT as I know they do not contain harmful chemicals.

The “How”

  • Remove the orifice reducer from the essential oil bottle
  • Draw essential oil into dropper
  • Prepare the area by applying V6 or Animal Scents Ointment to protect delicate skin
  • Lie on stomach
  • Insert dropper into rectum and squeeze, continuing to squeeze dropper until it is totally removed from rectum
  • Remain lying on stomach for several minutes to be sure essential oil has been fully absorbed

Oils which are suitable for rectal application include:

  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Eucapyptus Blue
  • Dorado Azul
  • RC blend

Other oils may also be used, but be sure NOT to use any of the “hot oils” or blends containing “hot” oils.

How often can oils be used rectally?

Essential oils can safely be reapplied topically or ingested every 15-20 minutes.  I normally do not use essential oils rectally that frequently since more essential oil is used.  I use them 4 times daily for something acute.  Often, I find that only a few applications are required. 

WHY would one choose to use essential oils rectally?

There are many possible reasons, but an important one is that it is “the fastest way to the lungs”.  In other words, when oils are used rectally, they reach the lungs in seconds.  This would naturally be quite important for anyone with lung infection or chronic disease.

Rectal application can be used for ANY issues as long as the oils used are appropriate for use in that manner.  (“Hot” oils would not be used!)

Whenever anyone needs to use large quantities of oils – more essential oil can be taken into the body without upsetting the digestive tract.  I have found that I personally have a “limit” to the number of drops that I can ingest (swallow) without upsetting my digestive tract.  This is not the case with rectal application.

I have found this application to be highly effective.

Frances Fuller
30 October 2012