Frances Fuller

The oils of Raindrop Collection can be used on the bottoms of the feet with excellent results as well as in the manner that Gary Young uses on the dvd which is included with the set.  I personally find that 2-3 drops of each oil is sufficient for positive results.  In fact if one chooses to do this more than once a week, using only 2 drops of each oil is sufficient.  (I would rather use less oil with more frequency than a lot of oil only once a week.)

These essential oils help to support healthy immune function.

Be sure to wait 2 minutes between oils to allow each to absorb into your body.  In this manner, you receive the full benefit of each essential oil and do not need to be concerned with having a specific number of drops of each.  The oils work to bring about balance in your body.  Your body will select the components that it needs and eliminate whatever it does not need – as long as you drink plenty of water.  By drinking water, you can eliminate the toxins through the urine feces, saliva, and perspiration.  If you do not drink enough water, then the toxins have no way to get out other than through the skin.

The oils of Raindrop Collection are considered “hot oils”, which means that they can cause skin sensitivity – especially oregano and thyme.  If you should experience redness, tingling, or burning, then apply some of the V6 Vegetable Complex, and it should diminish within a minute or two.
.  Water will only intensify the effect.

The order that Gary Young normally uses for the oils of Raindrop Collection follows:
VALOR, OREGANO, THYME, BASIL, CYPRESS, WINTERGREEN, MARJORAM, PEPPERMINT.  (I usually save AROMA SIEZ for times when I am in a hurry or have sore muscles or joints – it is really great for them.)  Other blends can be added as well for specific issues.

Please note that layering the oils of Raindrop Technique directly on injuries can be quite beneficial as well.  It is wonderful for sprains and broken bones when layered directly on the injury or in close proximity.  (If there is a cast, it is not possible to layer the oils directly on the injury).  I consider that these oils were a key in my remarkable recovery from the double spinal fracture of my second lumbar vertebra (L2) in June 2011.