What does “self worth” mean to you?
I associate the word VALUE – the value we place upon ourselves.

  • Do we value our TIME?
  • Do we value our KNOWLEDGE?
  • Do we value our GIFTS?
  • Do we value our CONTRIBUTIONS to society as a whole?
  • Many may feel INSECURE because we feel that the gifts and knowledge of others is somehow “better” than ours.

The Self Worth Hologram will support us in understanding how important EACH of us is to the whole – how important each one of us is to ALL of the others on the planet.  Each of us has special knowledge and abilities in a unique combination.  When we are our Authentic Self, we can add our special unique energy to every situation.

The glyphs which make up the Self Worth Hologram are the salmon pink frequency that clears away the blocks to your healing so the process can be initiated, the shiny silver frequency that supports you in accepting yourself and others, and the shivery-violet frequency of integration to assist you in drawing to you all of your special abilities and knowledge.

As we look at the three energies interacting with one another, we realize that the salmon pink frequency anchored by geranium essential oil and the crystal of rhodochrosite, will clear away the obstacles at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels while supporting the cardiovascular system and balancing hormones.

The shiny silver frequency, anchored by frankincense essential oil and the crystal of hematite brings the ability to accept WHO we truly are.  Many times the reason that we do not value ourselves is that we have not accepted who we are or where we are on our path.  Each of us has a journey, and no matter where we are at this moment, we ARE where we ARE.  “Wishing” or “Dreaming” does not change where we are right now.  It doesn’t matter where we are going.  It matters only where we ARE.

As we accept who we are and where we are on our journey, we are better able to focus upon moving forward . . . upon evolving into our Authentic Self – the beings we were created to be.

The third glyph in the Self Worth Hologram is the integration glyph – the silvery violet frequency that will assist us in drawing into the very fiber of our beings all of our unique abilities and knowledge – to make us who we truly are.  The essential oil of jasmine and the crystals of sugilite, blue lace agate, and chiorite are capable of anchoring this energy.

As we join these energies together, allowing them to move throughout our being, INTEND to ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE and to ALLOW yourself to VALUE and APPRECIATE who you ARE and WHY you are here.

No one else on this planet is here to do exactly what YOU are here for . . . Isn’t that awesome – to know that there is no other exactly like you?  You are SPECIAL . . . and each of us is special . . .

So let us begin by making that strong connection with The Source and apply the blend of INSPIRATION to support us in hearing the guidance from The Source.  I love to apply the oils on my Crown Chakra, my Heart, and the bottoms of my feet and then inhale deeply 6-8 times with hands cupped over nose . . .  INTEND that the connection expand continuously with every single breath, allowing us to be more and more fully present with The Source.

It may be that in this lifetime or before, we made some agreements that would compromise our ability connect with The Source, so INTEND to terminate those agreements now, fully, completely, and permanently – and to cease making any new agreements that would I any way interfere with your receiving your guidance and support directly from The Source . . . throughout all of time and space and upon all levels of reality in the conscious, the sub-conscious, and the unconcscious.

Just allow your connection to grow and expand . . . filling every portion of your being . . . Be INSPIRED by your connection with The Source and the guidance you receive.

Now, let us focus upon the lower connection with The Source, INTENDING that there be connections from the bottoms of each foot and the base of the spine that extend through the core of our planet and to The Source below.  INTEND that these connections continuously expand to allow you to be fully connected above and below and anchored to the planet upon which we live
As we apply the other essential oils, we will receive additional support . . .

GERANIUM:  INITIATE your healing through clearing of the blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward – blocks at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Geranium is wonderful support for the cardiovascular system and for hormonal balance.

FRANKINCENSE:  ACCEPT yourself as you are and WHERE you are on your journey . . . and ALLOW ALL OTHERS to be who they are.

JASMINE:  INTEGRATE all of your unique knowledge and abilities in preparation for becoming who you were created to be – your Authentic Self.

As you apply this blend, INTEND to AWAKEN to all of the POSSIBILITIES that you have as a result of the special gifts that you have been given – your AWESOME-NESS

As you apply this blend, INTEND to BELIEVE in yourself and truly believe that you are capable of fulfilling upon the purpose for which you incarnated.

Finally, let us apply HIGHEST POTENTIAL and INTEND to ATTAIN YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL – to be the very best that you possibly can be.

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Many blessings of joy and fulfillment along your journey,