The frequencies of the Disentanglement Hologram are the focus of the meditation 31 May 2012.  These are the salmon pink frequencies of GERANIUM essential oil, the pale lemon-yellow frequencies of LEMON essential oil, and the silvery-violet frequencies of JASMINE essential oil.  The energy that is created by the interaction of these frequencies have the potential to assist us in letting go of those things that are not supporting us so we can embrace the new opportunities that are ahead.  When we hold onto worn-out beliefs, we become weighted down and are unable to freely move ahead.  We also often find that we are taking on energies and burdens that belong to others and giving away our own chi which is necessary for us to evolve.  No one can “evolve for another”, and what is perfect for one may actually slow another down significantly.
As you draw in the energy of this powerful hologram . . .
INTEND that the salmon pink energy assist you in clearing away all the blockages to your healing process – blockages that may exist at the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level and in the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.  This will initiate your healing.
INTEND that the pale lemon-yellow energy support you in truly letting go of the things holding you back.
INTEND that the silvery-violet energy magnify your ability to draw to you all of your true knowledge and abilities and to integrate them into the very fabric of your being, allowing every aspect of who you are to be transformed into the being that you were created to be – your Authentic Self.
INTEND to maintain your full connection with THE SOURCE through the Crown Chakra and connections from the base of your spine and the bottoms of each foot that extend through the very core of Earth and to THE SOURCE below, firmly anchoring you to the Source and to the planet upon which we live.
It may be that I this lifetime or before, you made some agreements that would compromise your connection with THE SOURCE.  INTEND to terminate those agreements fully, completely, and permanently, and cease making any new agreements that would in any way diminish your ability to receive your guidance and support from THE SOURCE throughout all of time and space and upon all levels of reality in the conscious, and unconscious.
Ask THE SOURCE to assist you in creating your SACRED SPACE for healing and to remove everything that is not fully supporting you from your physical cells and molecules, your energy being, and your entire Sacred Space.  INTEND to ALLOW the release to take place under the guidance of THE SOURCE.
Ask THE SOURCE to fill your Sacred Space with everything that you need at this point in your healing, and trust that whatever you need is always available to you.
BREATHE deeply, and ALLOW the healing to take place . . .