Often people ask me whether I use heat or ice for joint pain or injury.  The “accepted” treatment is to apply ice immediately after an injury. This is to counteract the inflammation that is associated with any tissue damage.  It also numbs the pain.  My personal feeling is that LAVENDER will prevent bleeding in the tissue and, therefore, minimize inflammation if it is applied immediately after an injury.  (When I was lying on the trampoline last June with a fractured spine, I said, “I need LAVENDER and the RAINDROP OILS!”)   Lavender not only will stop any bleeding, external and internal ( and prevent bruising), but it will also accelerate the healing process.  By minimizing any internal bleeding and swelling WITHOUT APPLYING ICE, we do not slow down the circulation that is so important to the healing process.  Ice definitely will slow down the circulation.  Heat can cause tissue to swell.

My choice, based upon my personal experience with sprains and broken bones is to get LAVENDER on the area immediately and then to layer the single oils of RAINDROP TECHNIQUE either directly on the injury or in close proximity.  I also add COPAIBA for its natural pain-relieving properties and for its ability to amplify the effects of the other oils with which it is used.  (I LOVE COPAIBA!!!  :D)  The oils can be repeated as often as desired, but at least two times a day.

So . . . whenever I am asked whether I would use heat or ice, I answer, “NEITHER – USE OILS!”

Frances Fuller