The focus of each meditation for the next several months will be overcoming patterns that can slow us down or divert us from our path. Single oils and blends are selected each week to support the anchoring of the necessary information. Additionally, we will use the Holograms of the Rainbow Healing Cards and the Archetypes.

In the meditations we always focus upon becoming the Authentic Self – the being that each of us was created to be – and upon strengthening our connection with The Source so we can better understand our guidance from The Source.

Today, the Hologram selected is LIFE FORCE. This is a combination of the glyphs embodying the concepts of ACTIVATE, RELEASE, and INTEGRATE. The colors are sparkling gold, pale lemon yellow, and pale silvery-violet.

Young Living essential oils that hold these frequencies are ORANGE, LEMON, and JASMINE. The crystals of golden topaz or yellow calcite, citrine, and sugilite are also capable of holding these vibrations, but do not always anchor them unless they are rubbed with the appropriate essential oils.

The LIFE FORCE hologram can assist in gathering the focus and momentum necessary for moving out of drama and trauma and learning to accept yourself for who you are so you are able to manifest YOUR dream rather than the dreams of others. The shadow side would be one who desires fame rather than choosing to move forward in fulfilling upon the purpose for which he/she incarnated. Often when one engages in the fame dance”, he/she works hard to be recognized and then wants to have privacy instead. If one is moving towards the Authentic Self and fulfillment of the purpose for which he/she incarnated, there is a growing passion and joy associated with each day rather than a focus upon fame.

Oils which were selected for this meditation include:

• Inspiration blend supports us in making the strong connection with The Source.
• Orange anchors the frequency of action to support us in changing those things that need to be changed.
• Lemon holds the vibration of release – letting go of those things that are holding us back. Sometimes we allow worn out beliefs, fears, and attachments to prevent us from taking the actions that are appropriate.
• Forgiveness blend assists us in forgiving ourselves for the choices we have previously made and for not being who we think we “should” be.
• Believe blend nurtures and grounds us to promote belief in our ability to do what we came here to do. It assists us in believing in our connection with The Source and in the guidance that The Source provides each of us.
• Highest Potential contains the blends Australian Blue and Gathering along with Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. The grounding provided by cedarwood, sandalwood, and galbanum combines with the harmony and balance of frankincense, spruce, jasmine, and ylang ylang to provide beautiful support for each of us to reach our true potential. (Gary Young told me in Hawaii that he applies Highest Potential every single morning all over his body.)

Many blessings of AUTHENTICITY,