An observation about using peppermint for fevers is interesting.  No one had previously reported to me a rise in temperature before it went down, but it makes sense that the fever could go up while the body is working hard to rebalance, doesn’t it?  The important thing is that the fever comes down afterward – and stays down.

Oils that can be used for children are really the same as those used for adults – it is just that the amount is adjusted.  I usually suggest applying the oils only on the bottoms of the feet and diffusing for very young children (under 2 years old).  However a little girl under 1 year old and who is teething was here a few days ago.  We diluted 1 drop of THIEVES blend in about 2 ml V6 Vegetable Oil Complex.  The mom rubbed this all over the child’s gums, and she was happy and smiling again.

The things to remember are
• LESS is better than more
• DILUTE if applying other than on the feet
• Drop oil into YOUR palm, rub hands together, and then place hands on the child’s body over affected area (chest for cough and cold, stomach for nausea or diarrhea, etc)
Lavender and frankincense can usually safely be applied to young children topically without dilution.  In fact I have successfully used lavender neat (undiluted) for severe burns on a baby.  However, caution should always be exercised when applying the “hot” oils.

NOTE:  Another option for “diluting” potential skin sensitivity is to use Young Living’s KIDSCENTS LOTION rather than V6 Vegetable Oil Complex.  This gentle lotion absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy residue.

Frances Fuller ~ 2012