Why do we need enzymes?

Gary Young explains . . .
“You heal faster when you have enzymes present because they facilitate regeneration of all tissues as part of their job.  Enzymes also facilitate circulation, that’s how they help with the healing – by furnishing the proteins and the other nutrients necessary to repair that tissue.  So let’s provide our bodies with those vital enzymes!

Previously, Gary has said . . .

Why Are PLANT Enzymes So Important?
Plant enzymes have a wider range of activity than animal enzymes because there are so many of them such as protease, lipase, amylase, glucoamylase, alphagalactosidase, celluase, hemicellulose, invertase, maltdiastase, lactase, pectinase, and phytase.  Wow – that’s a mouthful of “-ases”!

The plant enzymes which are in your yellow capsules of ESSENTIALZYMES-4 contain Fiberzyme, Polyzyme, and Xarbozyme and are so essential for you.

Why is Fiberzyme important?
People today do not digest fiber, and fiber is the host to candida, bacteria, and viruses.  I have yet in 30 years to see a single patient with candida who was able to digest fiber.

Polyzyme contains protease to maximize protein digestion.  It facilitates the breakdown of proteins into amino acids, supports the digestion of high-fat foods such as nuts, and enhances the absorption of nutrients.

Carbozyme contains amylase for digesting carbohydrates.  The absence of amylase is the number one cause of allergies today, so take a look at that and  look at your past.

Were you a child that maybe was nursed for a couple of months, and Mama ran out of milk, so she had to put you on formula?
If that is the case, you did not get enough amylase to build up the reserve in the body to be able to digest carbohydrates. And so what are you allergic to?  Carbohydrates!  All of this just builds the stage for a wide range of health problems including allergies and gluten intolerance.

Now again, WHY are you sensitive to gluten?
Part of it is because all of the gluten products today are made from hybrid grains that have no enzymes.  If you don’t have the enzymes, the product you are eating doesn’t have the enzymes, then what is going to digest it?  Nothing!  It’s goping to create fermentation and may create a host envorinment for candida, bacteria, or a pathogen that leads to a disease.  You are going to have problems and complications.