I just thought to share an anecdote about Stress Away that happened with my 3-yr old son a few weeks ago.

He started daycare in Germany end January. Having had my company 24/7 for the past 7 months since we moved here, the separation and new environment / routine were understandably stressful.

Since the first week, I took care to apply Thieves daily on his feet to keep him strong and healthy. To help with his nerves and to give him ‘courage’, I applied Valor on his back and chest.

The second week, I started to apply Stress Away on myself as his crying each time I left the classroom was hard for me to handle.  One morning, after I was done, he took the tube from me and said he wanted some.

Now, prior to this, he has never used Stress Away and obviously doesn’t understand what the word ‘stress’ means. As I applied it on his chest, he said I should draw a ‘happy face’ for him (ie a smiley as I sometimes draw faces with different emotions on his hands when we play with washable markers).

I was just amazed that this young child could somehow associate Stress Away with a happy face!! It reminded me of a newsletter when you encouraged us parents to let the child choose his/her oil.

Since then, we often apply ‘happy face’ Stress Away in the mornings before heading to daycare and it seems to help us feel better (although I still wish he would cry less at drop-off).