Many people suffer with insomnia, but the causes may be totally different.  Therefore, the oils and supplements that make the greatest difference may differ as well.  For instance, a major cause of insomnia is an acidic body.  When we focus upon balancing the pH of the body, sleep may come far more easily.

Gary Young said years ago that everyone would sleep far more soundly if they drink 1 teaspoon (5ml) ALKALIME every night before bed.  Candida is quite active at night and is a huge factor in causing the sleep to be “light” rather than really restful – and candida love an acidic environment. (I like to say, “they happily have their all-night parties in YOUR body, keeping YOU awake!”)   Alkalime is specifically for balancing the pH.

Two years ago when OCOTEA was introduced, Marc Schroeder, who has worked with Gary Young in researching, formulating and developing many of Young Living’s products,  told us that if someone puts 2 drops Ocotea under the tongue and applies 2-3 drops PEACE & CALMING on the ears and the bottoms of the feet and then inhales the molecules by cupping the hands over the nose, inhaling 8-10 times, he/she will have very restful sleep.

I am a skeptic, and I had been awakening every 2 hours throughout the night for years to go to the toilet.  The first night I tried Marc’s “formula”, I slept several hours before awakening.  The second night, I slept 6.5 hours straight!!!  It is amazing the difference in the way a person feels when the sleep is uninterrupted!

However, I am always experimenting, and I always try things that others say is good.  (I rarely ever send out something that another person has written unless I have tried it myself.)  Gary Young mentioned that Peace & Calming never brought about any change for his younger son, Josef.  However, when they apply VALOR blend, Josef is out like “turning off a light switch”!  I tried Valor, and I found that the combination of Ocotea and Valor – along with Alkalime – works incredibly well for me.  Therefore, I use this combination every single night . . . and I sleep so well!

For those who cannot “turn their minds off” when they get into bed, MARJORAM may be the answer.  It truly seems to relax the brain when applied over the brain stem, on the temples, and inhaled.

Finally, this would not be complete without mentioning STRESS AWAY and TRANQUIL.  Since stress is a major factor in insomnia, it would seem quite logical that Stress Away and/or Tranquil could assist . . . and what is the oils that it is “never wrong to use”???  If you guessed LAVENDER, then you are correct.  Certainly, lavender could assist you as well.

Get creative, and find out what works best for YOU – and then please share it so others can benefit as well.