I have had a LOT of dental experiences through the years, and in 1999 I had all of the metal taken out of my mouth and replaced with 16 porcelain crowns.  Unfortunately, porcelain is not as strong as metal, and they have begun breaking.  The first two broke in 2008.

My regular dentist was unable to fit me in, so her partner did the replacements.  When I got there, I told him that I wanted to try to do it without any anesthetic – that I would use my essential oils.  He looked at me incredulously and said, “but it will hurt!”  I responded that I would like to try and would let him know if I could not take it.

I applied THIEVES and CLOVE liberally to the tooth and the gum on the entire quadrant of the mouth and PANAWAY on the outside along the jaw.  I reapplied several times whenever the dentist stopped for a moment.  It was not “comfortable”, but it was bearable.

The next crown broke in 2010.  We had a new oil from South America called COPAIBA and a new blend, DEEP RELIEF.  When I arrived, Dr. Lim already knew that I would not want anesthetic, so he patiently waited while I applied THIEVES and COPAIBA inside and PANAWAY and DEEP RELIEF outside along the jaw.  A while later, he said, “I have finished the drilling.”  This time, I was incredulous as I really had felt nothing!  He was concerned because he was afraid the nerve was dead, but when he tested it, it was fine.  The addition of COPAIBA and DEEP RELIEF made a huge difference!

Since 2010, I have had two more broken crowns replaced using the four oils above.

For ANY type of pain – whether broken bones, inflamed tendons, ligaments, or muscles, I have found that by substituting Believe for Thieves the results are totally remarkable.  I now call Believe + Copaiba + Panaway + Deep Relief  my “Magical Oils”!

Frances Fuller

February 2012