This information is a portion of the transcript of Training Tape #53 from the 2003 Young Living Convention.

Devastation from Meltdowns

This is some research we will run through quickly.  How many of you remember the meltdown of Chernobyl in 1986. Between 1986 and 1987 we had three..Chernobyl, Hendersonville, Nevada, and Long Island in New York.  This may be of interest to you. In 1986 I was traveling and doing blood research because I took my microscopes and traveled all over the United States several times a month.

In that year before the meltdown in Chernobyl this was the comparable amount of cell damage that we saw in a percentage in the blood chemistry of the people that I was analyzing.  I would go into Dallas and be there three days and I would test over 300 people.  We would work about 21 hours a day, and Nancy would stand there and pour water down me while I doing the research!  That was a great time, but there you can see the blood damage that showed in the blood over the years in 1986.

Then, that year when Chernobyl blew and 1987, this was the increase in the cell damage and the mutation that we saw in the blood.  In 1987 these people here were people who were taking some supplements from different companies and health food stores, etc., and in 1987 and 1988 the people in this test group were taking some supplementation and their cell damage wasn’t much different.

This was another reason that I went on with my research and discovery and started developing products.  These people took no supplements in this group, and you can see their cell damage in 1988 was much more concentrated.  However, these people we put on Master Formula and VitaGreen [now called MultiGreens] and you can see how their cell damage decreased in comparison.

Effects of Supplementation

This group of people were put on Master Formula, VitaGreen, and what is now called Cardia-Care and Exodus and Super C, and you can see how much even less their cell damage was in 1988 after taking those five products.  That absolutely substantiated the fact that if you get nutrition into the cells you can change the outcome, and that is what I have been working for these many years.

This was also an interesting thing while doing the study.  From 1980 when I started doing blood work and traveling and doing the research, just progressively watching the symptoms of Epstein Barr virus increasing all the way here to 1986 and 1987 (the same time as the meltdown of Chernobyl, Long Island, and Henderson NV–and how it jumped so fast from 87 to 88).  So we don’t see the radiation in the air; we don’t think about it, but it’s there.  You’re breathing it every-day.  You can’t go out there and put a screen up and filter the air you’re breathing, and then you walk down-town and you take on even more of it.  The radioactive isotope is, without question, one of the biggest killers we have in America and in the world.

Creating Formulas with Oils

This is when I actually started putting the formulas together and developing them.  Once I started developing my own formulas, make them from raw materials, this was a difference right here of about 8% that we saw in the assimilation and the increased recovery of the patient.  In 1983 I started incorporating the amino acids and minerals in with the herbs and it just slowly started increasing the assimilation rate, but I continued to follow with the groups of patients with competitive products to see what was going on in the industry.  In 1985 I really started experimenting with putting the oils into the formulas themselves, and that is when I saw a revolutionary change with the entire outcome of my patients. From there to there (which went from a 42% assimilation rate) it jumped up to 75% assimilation.

Increase in Assimilation!

And then I took the minerals and amino acids and coupled them with the essential oils and it jumped to over 85% assimilation in the blood of those formulas. That is when we saw Master Formula going into the bloodstream (into the capillary blood) in 20 minutes of oral injection after putting the essential oils in your supplements.  There is absolutely no question that the essential oils in your supplements replace the bioavail-ability and the catalyst action for the delivery of your nutrients that (when those plants are dehydrated) has been taken out.

Cancer Patients Received Help

This is a melanoma patient [photograph was shown] and he was one of the early patients that we experimented with Frankincense and you can see the scar here where he had surgery once already.  We put him on a cleansing program and we worked primarily just with the Frankincense around the tumor, and that was ten days.

Many of you have seen these photographs. We will just run through them really quick. This is of a young man with another case of malignant melanoma.  He had two surgeries and at this point it was inoperable.  They gave him two weeks to live and the tumor was growing at the rate of one inch per day, it was strangling him.  It was wrapped around the esophagus and the jugular vein. In had infiltrated the brain behind the TMJ, had gone into the lungs, down the spine.  The shoulder was frozen, the arm was only mobile from the elbow down.  It was a very traumatic condition.  I made an herbal poultice that I put on the outside and we started experimenting with essential oils, putting Frankincense around the tumor… and the story tells itself.

We started with this man on December 12, 1984 and that was his crystalized blood condition. All of the white you see in there is the poisons in the body.  There he is in May of 1985..five months!  And there is a picture of his blood, and naturally a very happy family.

This was the third case, another malignant melanoma on the leg.  This lady was 78 years old and they wanted to amputate the leg above the knee.  The doctor said, “At your age you are only going to live a few more years even if we take your leg off – don’t worry about it.  We can fit you with a prosthesis if you want.”

I don’t care how old you are, you do not deserve to have a limb amputated for any reason.  This was the outcome three weeks later.  This little lady lived for another nine years and passed away in her sleep.  That’s the way God expects us to leave this world.