Do YOU suffer from itchy and watery eyes?  There are two oils that can eliminate that experience:  LAVENDER and PEPPERMINT.

Apply one drop of lavender to your palm, rub palms together, and cup hands over open eyes, rolling your eyes around for 2-3 minutes.
NOTE:  Your eyes will not be harmed if they tingle or water during this time.

Take a few drops of lavender in a capsule or place a drop on your thumb and place on the roof of your mouth.

CAUTION:  Young Living Essential Oils makes pure, premium essential oils that have no harmful extenders or adjusters in them.  I would not personally use any other brand internally or over open eyes.

Put 1 drop of Young Living’s PEPPERMINT essential oil into a cup of hot water, and drink as “peppermint tea”.  As you bring the cup up to your mouth, you will breather in the molecules of the essential oil as well as drinking them.  Peppermint has wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits.