ORANGE, TANGERINE, CITRUS FRESH, LEMON, GRAPEFRUIT are all great for detoxification and for weight loss.

Citrus Fresh (with LEDUM added) is also great for reducing cellulite through topical application (see article “Weight Loos & Cellulite Reduction)

Tangerine is excellent for water retention – particularly swollen ankles.  Gary Young said that tangerine is always included in his protocol for edema.

Lemon assists the body in maintaining a healthy pH level – in being less acidic.  Just drinking a few drops in your water every day can assist in supporting healthy immune function.   Gar Young even told us that he dissolved kidney stones a few years ago by taking lemon essential oil in capsules at very frequent intervals around the clock!

Orange essential oil has been studied for its effect on cancer.  Orange contains 95-98% d’limonene, a chemical component that has been shown in laboratory studies to eliminate cancer cells without harming the healthy cells!

Grapefruit essential oil should be included in the protocol of anyone who is serious about losing weight.  Many have said that taking capsules of grapefruit at bedtime has brought about amazing results in weight reduction.  (Since is is also a wonderful detoxifier, it flushes out the system as well.)

When DIFFUSED, all of the citrus oils are extremely uplifting.