What I have found over and over is that the combination of molecules can be critical.  That is why I feel that layering oils is so important no matter what the issue.  Regarding the length of time before healing takes place, it can vary tremendously according to the state of the body.  For someone who has been on a total detox diet, exercising regularly, eating mostly raw food, and supplementing with easily absorbable supplements, the time may be far less than for one who has taken any medications and/or is not leading a truly healthy lifestyle.  When we think about it as the body trying its best to repair and balance itself, we may see some of the issues it faces.  We may feel only the pain that is most acute at the moment, but the body does not see you as a bunch of “parts”.  It sees you as a whole unit.

Could it be that there are some other things that need to come to balance before your present concern shows improvement?

You may also consider the time that a condition has been present.  By the time you noticed it (unless it was an injury), the imbalances that caused the condition were present for a considerable length of time.  Essential oils and supplements do not work to treat symptoms.  They work to bring the body to balance.  Perhaps by giving your body a little longer and supporting it from several perspectives, you will find the perfect combination that will allow you to achieve a level of wellness you have not enjoyed before.